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Lower North Shore Middle Eastern Food Catering Services

Let your tastebuds be tantalized with the taste and flavours of authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine at your next Corporate Function Catering or Private Event Catering.

Mediterranean Cuisine Catering servicing Lower North Shore to North Sydney & Northern Beaches.  Book your event catering today knowing that you can relax and enjoy your function while we handle everything for you.

Authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine

Catering for all occasions including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays as well as business or private events.   Our Mediterranean Cuisine Catering team can supply appetizers, snacks as well as main dishes and sweets.

We also have considerations for dietary needs including vegetarian dishes.

Just imagine the taste of these authentic Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Meals….


  • MOROCCAN LAMB TAGINE : Slow cooked Lamb w/Chickpea, Currents & Moroccan Spices
  • MOROCCAN CHICKEN w/- ORANGE & CINNAMON TAGINE : Chicken Fillets & Chats cooked in Orange & Cinnamon Sauce
  • LAMB MANSAF : Baked Lamb on bed of Frikeh, Rice & Burgul (tip) – Frikeh is young wheat that has been roasted to add a smoky flavour (can be made with chicken instead of lamb)
  • CHICKEN MOUGRABIYE — Israeli/Pearl Cous-cous dish cooked in Caraway Spice w/French Onion


Or these Mediterranean Sweets….

  • HALAWA BE JEBNE’ Cheese & Semolina Crepe filled w/Ashta & Pistachio
  • SESAME & NUTS SLICE Honey sesame w/nuts
  • SHA’ABIAT Filo triangles w/Ricotta & Cinnamon
  • KADAYEF Shredded Pastry w/Ricotta & Rose Water
  • NAMOURA Semolina Cake w/Almond
  • SELECTION OF BAKLAVA’S Walnut, Almond & Pistachio Fillings


View our full menu here.  Book Your Catering Event Today 0403 367 484 for your Mediterranean Feast!

Lower North Shore Middle Eastern Food Catering Services Sydney


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